100 hectares of land, of which 15 are cultivated with organic wines. More than 1100 olive trees and fruit trees are some of the features organic wine and oil farm, known as

Nugareto. A process of “environmental restoration” to give value to an authentic area on the hills of Bologna and make it accessible. Viticulture is favored by adequate soil and a balance between the traditional viticulture and the local wine grape variety Grechetto Gentile known as Pignoletto. The biological wines produced by Nugareto want to create a historical link with Bologna.

We belive in Organic. Agricolture. And our Organic Vineyards are the heart of the “environmental restoration” of Nugareto. The 15 hectares of vineyards make Nugareto one of the largest wineries of “Colli Bolognesi” area.

The 30 years old vines are flanked by younger vineyards; traditional vines like Grechetto Gentile, for our BOLOGNA HILLS PIGNOLETTO SPARKLING D.O.C.G. and PIGNOLETTO SUPERIORE STILL D.O.C. Sauvignon Blanc for


We belive in the work of men, we belive in passion, we belive in our story